Do you wish to have our puppy? 

We plan our litters with a lot of care and love. We always take lots of time and effort to look for combinations that would benefit the breed in health, temperament, and type as close to the breed’s standards as possible. Puppies from our breeding are raised in a domestic environment and we try to socialize them for various situations that will help you and the pups when they go to their new homes. Our puppies are important to us even after they leave for their new homes and we are always there for you if you need our help or would just like to chat about their development, so please stay in touch.

Before leaving, all of the puppies are examined by a veterinarian, dewormed, have a microchip, and are registered with a pedigree in a Slovenian kennel club. Each puppy gets a so-called ”puppy package” which includes food they are used to for the first few weeks in a new home, a blanket or dry-bed and a toy or two when they go to their new families. 

I do not take down payments for puppies and I usually do not take reservations for the pups. However, if you are serious, I can put you on a waiting list and when a new litter comes we can make further arrangements.  

I would also like to get some information from you. Please, tell me something about yourself, such as previous experience with dogs, what will the living conditions for the puppy be like…  Why do you think Jack Russell is a perfect dog for you? I am not trying to be noisy; I just want the best possible homes for my puppies. Your answers will help me a lot.

In the future, I will look for co-owners and dogs in co-ownerships will be placed in homes on specific conditions. 

If you want more information, feel free to contact me. I will gladly respond.

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